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OneNote for Mac, Version 15.1

Warning: This post may have over-dramatic tendencies and be filled to the brim with my trademark humorous blend of wit and run-on sentences. I am an avid supporter of OneNote and its magical notetaking capabilities, as seen in my semi-recent article in berkeleyByte about essential Mac apps. I was elated…

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Review: letR

I just discovered this amazingly innovative communication and social media technology. It's called letR. It really shows how far ubiquitous computing is going, when we're already at the point of making things so physical, so tangible. With letR, you can fold it, you can tear it, you can crumple it…

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Choosing a blogging platform

I really really want to start blogging. I tried Wordpress. I tried Tumblr. I wanted to try Medium but was intimidated by the caliber of writing on the site. I don't only want to write about philosophical issues or trends in technology or how my breakfast is a metaphor for…

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