3 Posts about Computer Science

How to PM

This post comes from my experience in the summer of 2014 as an APM intern at Google, as well as endless reading on the topic of product management and discussions with current PMs. External resources are at the bottom of the post. But be patient, my child, for there is…

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Learning to Arduino

Happy Pi Day! I hope you have a mathematical 3/14 today, especially at 1:59 PM if you know what I'm saying :) And now...onto the arduino! So yesterday I created my very first arduino circuit. It was the simple Blink circuit they tell everyone to do as their…

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Coding Folks

Wednesday mornings are one of my new favorite times of the week. "Mornings?" you ask. "What could possibly happen on a Wednesday morning to make it so awesome?" Wednesday mornings are when I get to teach eighth graders programming with Python. I'm part of an organization at Berkeley for students…

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