Alexandra Greenspan

What to expect here...

As I might have mentioned in my previous post, I'm really excited to start blogging. For some reason, this platform especially is really getting my creative juices flowing.

About a month ago, back when I was still invested in, I started to keep a list of future blog posts I look forward to writing. This idea sort of developed from being an avid YouTube-viewer (notice that I said viewer and not YouTuber, because while I wish I could join the ranks and be friends with all the people I admire on the video hub of the internet, alas, I am unable). Some of the vloggers I keep up with have notebooks that they constantly write ideas in for new videos, and I thought that would be a good way for me to come up with things to write about as well. I may not have time to whip up a blog post in the moment I think of something I want to expound upon (or maybe something more simple, like, a good pun), but if I write it down and save it for later, I am sure to come back to it eventually.

I don't want to give anything away (spoilers!) but I will say that there are already ten blog post topics on my list. That's right - double digits, baby.

I'm in the midst of studying my Social Cognition textbook currently, but I'll find time this week to post something worth reading.


Alexandra Greenspan

In third grade, Alexandra wrote a book titled "Bear Bear and the Mystery of the Magic Leaf." It won the Room 21 award for best book. She hopes to put her award-winning writing skills to good use.